Starwars Destiny sealed league

$35.00 inc. GST

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General Games Malvern East will be holding a SEALED Destiny League over a 2 month period.
What this means:
Each person will require a RIVALS draft set and be given 6 boosters from sets of their choice.
You will make a deck of between 20-30 cards similar to draft.
Each week you can purchase 2 more booster packs from any set of your choice.
Each week you can fight any number of opponents, on any day of the week, although Monday will be the day promos are given out for attendance and the core day to play.
You cannot play the same opponent more than twice in a row.
Winning the league:
Points will be given out for playing games.
1 Point for losing
2 Points for winning
The amount of rewards and promos given out each week and at the end of the tournament are dependent on attendance each week and sign ups for the league.
Rewards include, Promos cards, Promo tokens, Playmats.
The more Sign ups and the more boosters purchased throughout the event the more rewards that will be funnelled back into the players!
Getting rewards:
Rewards will given out as such –
Top performers
Longest win streak
Longest loss streak
Most weeks attended