PREREGISTRATION – Infinity ITS Monthly – Season 9: Treason 8th September

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General Games is providing the chance to compete for International rank and sweet swag! Prizes include exclusive alternate sculpt miniatures, acrylic tokens. Depending on player count, more prizes will be added in the form of store credit and sweet Infinity product!
A special randomized door prize will be given out to one lucky player with a painted army!
We welcome all players down on Thursday’s to join us for our Crafternoon specials and ask for (or share) any help or advice on painting their mini’s!
We’ll also be running a store wide sale on ALL Infinity products from single mini’s to Army boxes!
This tournament will feature Special Operations (missions found in attached ITS rules) and will be played at 300 Army Points and 6 SWC.
Round 1: Biotechvore
Round 2: Tic-Tac-Toe
Round 3: Rescue
Please familiarise yourself with these missions as well as any Season 9 special rules found in the ITS rules.
What to bring:
– Miniatures
– Tape Measure, dice, templates and markers
– Classified Objective Deck
– Two Army Lists from the same Generic or Sectorial Army. Please bring copies of your list for the tournament organiser as well as a courtesy list (with only open information) for your opponent’s convenience. Army lists are to be prepared on the official ITS Army Builder.